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Walkie Talkie app is launched For Apple Watch


Walkie Takie app is launched by apple for apple smart watch.Before mobile phones walkie talkie and wireless were considered more important.Now following the walkie talkie and wireless apple has launched walkie talkie app for apple smart watch.Through this app two people can communicate each other on their apple Aap.
This app works on OS 5 operating system.There is also contact list option is available like whats app and you can send voice notes to your contacts.This app is name “Walkie Talkie”.
Talking to W.W.D(World Wide Developers) on Monday Jeff Williams stated that apple watch plays a vital role in communication,save lives and Maintaining health.
After launching new OS 5 operating system apple watch will have more advance features in communication and other activities.Adding more Jeff Williams said,Through walkie talkie app two people can talk to each other easily.This app works both WiFi and cellular network,while through this app you can communicate fast and deliver personally all over the world.According to new OS feature there are too much changes being done by apple.The information of maps,sports and health is also more advanced in it.

How to Setup Walkie Talkie App

When you will open the Walkie Talkie app,you will find contact list like whats-app. If you want to add someone then select from the contacts.There will be a plus sign at the bottom of the contact list.Then tap on this + sign and contact will be add in your Walkie Talkie list.After Selecting it will appear with yellow background.
If you want to talk with someone through Walkie Talkie app, you will send invitation to him/her.After accepting this invitation,you will be able to talk him/her.This option will be for first time.As they will confirm you in your list then you can connect easily when you want.Next time you don’t need permission.

Features of oS 5 Watch

  • Watch OS 5 has improved the tracking activity of work out.You can get report about different kinds of workout like swimming,running,walking and rowing.This watch will give you complete report of your workout time.It will also report of you calories and heart rate.This is useful for the people who forget during workout.It will also help you in hiking.
  • Siri is getting more advance feature in iOS 12.which is included suggestion on lock screen and siri shortcuts.This feature will also available in App watch oS 5.
  • The most amazing update on siri is that now you don’t have to say “Hey Siri”, you can start talking just from your point.
  • Do not disturb notification is used in iOS 12 and now this feature is also on Apple watch oS 5. You can stop irreverent notification which you don’t want to receive.
  • Now you can access to control center and Notification center from watch.
  • Weather app is also update and will work more efficient.
  • You have options for internet connections which WiFi or hotspot you want to connect on watch.
  • Podcasts app will also available in apple watch.Now you can listen the playback since where you left.
  • Now you can add stock from apple watch and remove them by force touching.
  • Student id card wallet feature will also in apple watch.

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