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There are millions of games on google play some of them are very playable and some are disgusting. the verity of games publish fastly we discuss top three mobile games 2022.

The industry of gaming becomes very wide and starts the trend of gaming all over the world. many people from all over the world make their passion gaming and they all doing very well.

1 – PUBG Mobile


Top three mobile games 2022


PUBG [ players unknown battleground ] mobile is an online multiplayer battle royal game published by PUBG corporation. This game contains different mods like Erangel and TDM which are very popular among users.

in this game, one hundred people jump from a plane with the help of pursuit and landed on the specific island and the first search for weapons to kill others and avoid getting killed by others. The man how survives at the last will win the game.

This game is very addictive so therefore in some countries, this game is also banned. the official version of PUBG mobile for android and ios was released in 2018. PUBG mobile is on your top ranking with more than 500 million-plus downloads.

2 – Honor of kings

Top three Mobile Games 2022


honors of king is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by studio group and published by Tencent Games for android and IOS mobile platforms for the Chinese market.

Honors of king were firstly named as league of kings but later named to respond to riot games. honors of king were released in 2015. Later it becomes the hottest mobile game in China.Honors of king had over 80 million-plus daily active users and 200 million monthly users.

Honors of kings are also added in the world’s most highest-grossing game. as of November 2020, this game had 100 million-plus daily active users honors of kings have over 25 million-plus downloads so, therefore, it will be added to the top three mobile games 2022.


Top three mobile games 2022


Genshin impact is an action role-playing game assembled and published by mIHoYo. genshin was released for Windows, PlayStation, Android, and IOS in September 2020. and for PlayStation 5 it was released in 2021.

The game features is an anime-style open-world environment and an action-based battle system this is also free and monetized by gacha game mechanics. this game is on number 3 with 9 million daily users. This game has 5 million-plus downloads so, therefore, it will be added in Top three mobile games 2022

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