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Top Technology Certifications for 2018 to Get Job


Technology is the field where the study and experince is a combination of good IT professional.But if you have intrest in something and willing to learn then,online resources like youtube,google,udemy W3schoo and many other online learning platforms are avalable which will help you to learn from scratch.So here are some top certification of 2018 which will help you to get a good salary job.


Programming language in computer is the most efficient way of earning.If you want to be a software engineer,web devloper(front end,Back end) then you can go for programming.Market is full of such developers who have not completed their study and makin six figures salary.Biggest example of this Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook.
In front end language there are HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,J-QUERY,AJAX while in backend Languages PHP,C#,ASP.NET,JAVA,SWIFT,C++,SAS and PYTHON are included.You should have strong programming concepts for making carrie in programming.These certification cost about $100-$250 per exam.

Web Development

Market is always in search of good web developers.You can also learn web development from scratch at home.But this is not enough.You should get atleast one certificate for web development.This will help you to grow your career and will help you to earn more money.The most popular web development cources are Adobe-certified Expert certificate,Microsoft developer certificationn which is named as Microsoft technology Associate,Microsoft Certified solution developer,Google Developer certification for web Development and Zend Certified PHP.All the cost for these certication is about $100 to $200 per exam.These certication requires good knowledge of HTML and Java Script.If you do internship and start job, have 1 to 3 years experience will surely boost your carrier.

Project Management

A project manager is mostly the man behind the most successfull IT projects who have high skilled in the field.PMI(Project management institute) have wild range of cenrtification in this field of Project management.Some Project management certifiactions are PMP(Project Management Professional Certification),CAMP(Certified Associate In Projeect Management),PGMP(Program Management Professional) and MPM(Master Projecct Management).The fees of these certification are diferent from one to another.The range for this course is about $200 to $1500.For apply this certification you need to have good education background and experience in domain of the applied certification.

Data Science

Data sacience is a wide field of information technology.The certification of Data sceince gives yoour carrer a plus point.The certfications for data sceince are Cloudera Certified Professional:Data Scientist(CCP:DS),Coursera John Hopkins Data Science Certification,EMC Data Science Associate and Infroms Certified Analytics Professional(CAP).The cost range of this certicate is about $200 to $659.For Data science you should have strong concepts of Fundamentals,Statics,Programming,Machine Learning,Data Visulization,Big Data,Data Ingestion,Data Munging and Tool Box.


One of the largest certication in technology field is IT certification.The certifications fo Networking which are more popular are CCIE,CCNP,Network+ and WCNA.The cost range of these courses are from $300 to $400.For networking course you should have strong grip on Routing and Switiching,Security,Service Providers,Data Centers and Wireless Connectivity.


The certifications of security are known as Information Security Certifications.Most Popular Security Certifications are CISSP(Certified Information Systems Security Professional,CISM(Certified Information,Security Manager,CISA(Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker).Cost range of these certifications are $600 to $800.For this certification you should have strong knowledge and experince in information security,Domain Specific Experince and Degree in Information security.


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