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Top 5 Best Programming Languages For 2018

Best Programming Languages

You can earn more than your thinking if you are guru in a programming language.Programmers have the highest salary if they have proper skill set and work experience. Before select any language make sure that you have intrest in this language.Do not go for multiple programming languages just follow one language and make your skills better by practicing on it.So here we will discuss the programming languages which will most trending in 2018.
Thes trending language are based on four plateforms.

  • Freelance
  • Stack overflow
  • Job Market Trend
  • Trend in the Job market at startup


C# is the back end language . You can use C# in ASP.NET and Unity.ASP.Net developers are highly paid.Unity developers are also highly paid but most of them start their own startup of gaming.As the number of downloads of games increases,the number of earning also increases. Xamrain also is based on C#.on Xamrain you can create mobile applications on both plateform android and iOS.You can just create one app on xamrin which will work on android as well as iOS. If you have strong concepts of OOP(Object Oriented Programming)like abstraction,Polymorphic,Abstract Classic and Encapsulation.Then it is an amazing and easy language to learn.dotnet Developers are now trying to move on xamrin or in gaming.


Swift is also most trending programming language because of Apple.Apple is the world biggest company and programmes of iOS have high salary in market.Swift language works on apple iphone,ipad or games.For swift you should have Apple device for coding.Either it can be MacBook Pro or Apple System.Without Apple device you can’t work on swift.You also need apple devices for testing your apps or games.That is big problem.Not every one can afford apple device.But still the market jobs for swift developers are high.


Java is popular and aamazing language of you love coading.The demand of android apps and android developers is increasing so this language is also growing fast.Not just for android apps there are also more applications which are totally designed on Java.If you want to do work on android development,than Java is a great plateform.You can just start learning android development from home on youtube,udemey of online resources of learning.You can also earn as a free lancer by working on home as a android app developer.


Java script is client side programming language which is in most demand in 2018.You can handle almost everything through JavaScript. On the back-end you can work on node. Js and on the front end you can work on angular. Js or React using JavaScript is completely rely on this.This is the most trending language if you want to work on mobile apps,framework or the react native framework .One more amazing thing is that you are capable to handle android apps and iOS apps.Facebook is shifting to java script as the advance security features in it.So working on both web or apps JavaScript is the best choice.


If you have interest in machine learning then python is a great choice.You can work on frameworks like Django. Django is used for designing web apps.Big companies like google,Facebook and apple hired the software engineers who work on Python.There is too much demand in market of Python developers.


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