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Educational Technology and Society

Educational Technology and Society’s Transformative Role in Learning

Did you know that in the present high-speed world, educational technology and society remain closely connected, as natural as they can be? That’s right, it’s valid! As indicated by ongoing investigations, 94% of teachers accept that incorporating educational technology into the homeroom upgrades student learning. Great, correct? Let’s separate it now. Educational technology is about...

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

How Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Revolutionize Education

Did you knowhavethat Educational Technology and Mobile Learning resemble superheroes in the realm of education? Indeed, they’re changing the game! Picture this: 81% of educators accept that technology assists them with taking care of their business all the more productively. That’s right, you heard that right! All in all, what precisely is this otherworldly couple...

emerging technologies in education

Exploring the Impact of Emerging Technologies in Education

Hey, have you ever pondered how emerging technologies in education are changing the way we learn and teach? Indeed, clutch your caps since here’s a staggering detail for you: Did you have at least some idea that more than 90% of educators accept that coordinating emerging technologies in education can fundamentally improve understudy commitment and...

Resource Centre for Educational Technology

Transforming Learning Environments: The Impact of a Dedicated Resource Centre for Educational Technology

In this present reality where the digital heartbeat of schooling enlivens continuously, the interest for a directing power turns out to be more articulated than any time in recent memory. Enter the extraordinary domain of the Resource centre for Educational Technology — a center that throbs with the backbone of development in learning. As of...

AI Professional Development for Teachers

Beyond the Books: AI Professional Development for Teachers

In this present reality where technology is as fundamental as textbooks used to be, AI professional development for teachers isn’t simply an extravagant extra; it’s turning into the foundation of educational development. A faltering 87% of instructors concur that coordinating AI into their showing techniques is vital to remain pertinent and to upgrade the growth...