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How To Start Event Blogging ?


A specific keyword is search on search engines(google) in a specific time is called Event Blogging.This specific time may be one day,one week or one month.This specific search in a specific time will be event.Some big events are like Happy New Year,Chrismis. First you have to find proper event and tis event has much traffic or not ?Every country has different events.

How To Find Domain Name ?

Domain name matters alot for event blogging.If you want to work on happy new year 2019,then try that your domain name must have happy new year keywords in it.Search google on your key word and the most high search volume keyword can be your domain name.

How to Find an Event ?

Now you want to find an event like if you search chrimis on google,it will show you the date of that event.It means this is right event on which you can work.Another Example like if you search Chinese new year then google will display the date Friday, 16 February.Now on this day people will search Chinese new year.If you want to work every year on that event,don’t mention year in your domain name.If you have worked in 2018 event and want to work in 2019 event,you can redirect your domain from 2018 to 2019.Now it depend how much time earlier you start your event blogging?If you pick keyword happy new year,people start work on it 2 years ago.If black Friday,then affiliate markets and brands work on one year before.So make sure what keyword you are going to choose.You should start your work on event blogging almost three months ago.
You can also find the Events on twitter.Go to twitter analytics slect events from top bar and you will find the dates of events.Twitter will also show number of tweets,total research and impressions of that event.

How To Set Your Blog For Event ?

After selecting the domain name and event,now let,s work on blog.First you should search the keyword on google keyword planner and make the categories of high searches keywords.Then again seach the high searches keywords on google and make sub categories of them.Like of you search happy new year 2019, you will find happy new year images,happy new year wishes, happy new year 2019 in advance.Now On your home page your home post should be more than 1000 words.Mention All categories on your home page by linking.Also mention your posts links on your home page.

How to Do Competition ?

If we talk about Competition.There are two points.
On Page Competation
Off Page Competation
In On page competition we talk about content.How much content of Website is unique.How much domain is old? What is keyword strategy ? In off site competition you will have to your back links more than your competitor. You can find proper back link reports on Ahref and Keyword research volume difficulty and competition on SEMrush.
Make your website social share on Facebook,google+,pintrest and social profiles.Install plugins for SEO All in One SEO or Yoast. Do proper SEO of your images too.Make proper title,alt attributes with keywords of images.Use High Quality Images.For back linking to your event blog use Blog Commenting.


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