How To Uninstall Roblox Easily on Mac & Windwos 10

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For all Roblox players, I’m here to help you out with how to uninstall Roblox from your iMac or the MacBook you’re having. The uninstallation of the app just requires a few steps which you need to figure out, Otherwise, you can’t uninstall Roblox completely.

How To Uninstall Roblox App Manually

So here are a few steps which I’m gonna show you that how you can uninstall Roblox:

1- Quit the Roblox app:

how to uninstall roblox

First, you need to quit all those Roblox processes which are running background; In other words, you need to close that app and then go to the ‘ APPLICATIONS FOLDER ‘,  After that you would see “UTILITIES” in that app folder.

2- Search activity monitor:

uninstall roblox

Then at the second step you need to go to the search bar and then search ‘ACITIVITY MONITOR’ to launch it.

3- Search Roblox:

How do I install Roblox

After that you need to check out the activity of Roblox in that Activity monitor, When you find any, select it and then press the ” FORCE QUIT ” button.

By following these commands you can easily uninstall Roblox from your iMAC OR Macbook if you want to. A most frequently demanded question is that:

How to erase the related files of Roblox?

Well, I also have a quick and easy solution for that. It is much necessary for us to eliminate all the data of Roblox if you are willing to eliminate it properly and completely. You need to follow up on these steps if you want to erase or get rid of the related/linked files of Roblox.

1-) Finder’s work:

First of all, You need to go at the finder and further for the menu, Then afterward you would look up for folder.

how to uninstall roblox windows 10

2-) Library’s work:

Then you need to open library>caches>logs>preferences>webkit and at the last saved application state would appear just like this:

Roblox uninstall windows 10


3-) Search for Roblox:

Then search for ‘Roblox studio remains’ and trash all that material and empty that bin so that you may complete fininshing your uninstallation.


Be careful during the uninstallation and this needs to be done with full attention and both eyes on the screen. Do not turn your computer off while uninstalling, as this may cancel the Uninstallation.


  1. First of all, you need to click on the start button in the search box located on the lower left screen on our home page.
  2. Then you need to type at the search box ‘Programs and features, click on the icon on the top of that list as shown below:
  3. After that in the windows, you would see a pop-up, you need to scroll down until you find Roblox.
  4. When you would find Roblox, Uninstall it from there.


     Uninstalling Roblox is much easier on windows rather than uninstalling it through mac, since MacBook contains a different kind of software so obviously, a different type of method would be required for the deletion of this app.

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