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Fresh Currency Service From State Bank Of Pakistan On Eid-ul-Fitr

new currency notes
new currency notes

As the Ramadan month is going on for Muslims and they are fasting in this month.After Ramadan People celebrate Eid and give money to their love ones,siblings and children.For this purpose State Bank of Pakistan has announced a servise to collect fresh money For their love ones.State Bank of Pakistan is the leading Bank of Pakistan and this servise is only available in Pakistan.Now you can give the old money currency notes and exchange them with new money currency.State Bank Of Pakistan has announced this service for all even they have bank account in the Bank or not.You can avail this offer easily in any city of Pakistan.This Service will be available from 1st june to 14 June 2018.


Here is the procedure how you can change the old currency notes to new currency notes.Those people who want to get new currency notes by exchanging it with old currency notes must follow this procedure.They have to send text their 13 digits id card no on 8877 with their nearest branch of State Bank of Pakistan.As according to the Policy,the amount of 1.50 + tax PKR will be deduct from your mobile account on sending text to 7788.After Sending message the sender will receive a conformation code on his mobile no which he has to show to branch state of State Bank of Pakistan which he will mentioned in his/her message.This message will have validate date and sender have to go before that date which is mentioned in the text.After due date he/she will not be able to change currency.As it will be valid for two weeks.The fresh currency notes will be available on the commercial branches of State Bank of Pakistan that will be mentioned in text message according to your choice.This service is available in 132 cities of Pakistan and mostly commercial branch of that cities.The branch id will be mention in the text message which will be received after sending CNIC no to 7788.


  • The sender will have his/her orignal CNIC along with and a photocopy too while visiting to commercial branch for currency change notes.
  • Sender will also have his/her confirmation text code while going to currency change.In case you missed it, you have to send message again to your 13 digits CNIC to 7788.Without confirmation code you will not be able to get currency.
  • The customer is only allow to three bundles of Rs.10, one bundle of Rs.50.The bundle of Rs.100 will be available on the availability of commercial branch.
  • One customer can only receive the new currency notes by exchanging with them old currency notes.Only that person is allowed which have the message along with his/her CNIC card,photocopy and the confirmation message.No one is allowed to use someone CNIC card and confirmation code.On this the State Bank of Pakistan will not be able to give currency notes to his her.
  • On one CNIC card,only one time currency note will be issued.After that on same CNIC card no currency notes will be issued to that customers according to the Policy of State Bank of Pakistan.If he/she send message again to 7788 if he/she has received currency note earlier,then no confirmation code will be sent to customer.


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