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Facial Recognition Scans Student Face After Every 30 seconds in Chinese School


A Chinese school has made such software that it scans the face of each student through facial recognition and it reports the behavior of the students.This is the first time software has made that reports the student’s behavior through face recognition.The system is installed in classrooms and it scans the face of students expressions through face recognition system.It scans after every 30 seconds and give report of either student is happy,sad,surprised,angry or scared. Artificial Intelligence at it,s best and it gives help to management that what are the reasons why students are not giving attention to studies.

This system is known as “Intelligence Classroom Behavior Management System” and it is installed at Hangzhou No.11 High School in china.With the scanning system of facial expression,this software also has ability to analyse other behavior of students.In other behaviors reading,writing,standing up,listening to the teacher,hand raising and leaning on the desk are included.This system is also use to maintain attendance system of students.

This “Intelligent classroom behavior management system” also records the students marks sheet, roll no records,pay on canteen for lunch and can borrow books from library which will be on record.The vice principle of school Zhang Guanchao assured that the data (images of the students face) are safe.However the data are save on the local server of school through database management system and we will not share it cloud or any social media platform.As Facial Recognition Technology is more common in china rather than any country.It also has been installed on ATM Machines and KFC restaurants of China.Now it’s time to install facial recognition system in schools.A Chinese Professor Shen Hao, who is professor in Communication University of China , is keeping record of students attendance of six courses.In which 300 students are enrolled.

How Does Facial Recognition Work

Facial recognition is based on Artificial Intelligence which recognize the face of people . This service is also used by Facebook like of you upload a new picture on Facebook with your friends, the Facebook allows you to tag it your friends which are in the picture.Now the face recognition percentage of Facebook is 97.35.The human ability to identify people and thing by size is actually quite unique form of identification. Face recognition in this era will completely change our lives.This technology has power to tracks your moments too.The face recognition can measure the distance between your eyes,the width of your lips,the distance from your lips to nose etc.On the end of this process software receives the text information which is based on recognition.The Face recognition software has ability to recognize the face of millions in just one second.This software identify the people without knowing them they are being identified.This software is also used in streets,Bank ATM,iPhone X, Retail chain Stores ,churches and Police Stations.Retail Stores are using this software to keep track of their customers,having data which products they want more and how to advertise their selected customers for specific products.Churches are also using face recognition to monitor attendance.In United Kingdom a school wants to use face recognition system to have tracks on teachers.According to UK School management,Teachers take too long break that they have to put this system for their school to put them on watch list.


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