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Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners


Digital Marketing now a days is the most demanding marketing strategy through which a brand or a startup could not grow.If they want to grow their business then they have to follow digital marketing.Digital Marketing is a method through which we tried to generate users from different sources.If you are a general advertiser,you have basically few other ways traditionally advertising.Like you can say for example television advertising,or advertising through news paper,print media and advertising through out door media.Now you have to see why the digital marketing is so powerful?

Reach To your Audience

Now what are the criteria which we have to check The first matrix is to check reach of the advertising.Now what is reach ? If you do an advertising then how many people will you gain? How many people will see your advertisement?This is called the reach of the advertisement. Reach is total number of people you will be able to show your advertisement. This is the first factor of Digital Marketing.

Targeting The Audience

Now the second factor we have for advertising is Targeting of your advertising.Like who are your target audience? Are you reaching your target audience ? Are you getting the people who you really want ? What Exactily is the targeting ? Simply if we running a campaign or suppose you have a client who is selling products for kids.He is the manufacturer of kids toys.Now the point is the marketing should be targeted to some people who are basically in a position to purchase that.Like if You see the cartoon network channel,then you will see the adds are related to the kids.Now which adds children like most ? The target audience of chocolate companies, The target audience of toys companies. The target audience of child related companies .They will simply go and advertise on Tv channels,news paper or anywhere the section is belonging to the kids.

Price For Targeted Audience

The third factor we have to keep concentration in simple terms “What is the you are willing to pay ? ” or what is the price that company is charging to actually carry out your advertising for that particular time of peroid or what is the duration of the time?
Here you have to understand the price matrix is calculated on two things.
One is reach of your target and
what is he target you are getting ?
Now we have a simple example for this.You have a Tv Channel.In a Tv channel you are seeing a program.The total number of viewers(TRP) of a program is very low.Like a program is watched by 50,000 people.On other channel the TRP is high like people are watch the show at time is 10,000,00.Now if the reach is increases then the price is automatically increases(of advertisements).So we can say the price of that advertising depends on the reach of advertisement as well as the reach of advertisement.


So in last this matter how much traffic or response you are getting? like of you spend 10,000 on your advertsing, How much profit you are getting ? Are you getting the expected results ? Are you getting the benifits or not ? So that Calculation is called ROI(Return Over Investment).So keeping in mind of these points you can run your advertisement.


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