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Info Technology buzz is the technology based website where you can see the trending articles related to technology.We have unique and helpful content so that the users can easily understand.We have Five main categories.
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Apple Apple is an multinational technology company which is located at America.It sells mobiles,computers,laptops and other hardwares. Apple also provides software services.Tim Cock is the current CEO of Apple.The mobile of apple company iPhone,iPad,Mack-book latest and trending and technical things about apple products.You can read latest apple updates on info technology buzz. Android Android is mobile operating system which is used in mobiles like samsung,oppo,vevo and many others.It is an open source software and it is specially designed gor touch mobile devices like smart phones.We will share android updates,latest features of android mobiles.Info technology buzz will share latest android features with you. Education Education in computer science is most trending and getting highest number of students having.Bscs(computer science),Bsit(information technology) and short courses according to digital marketing will be share on info technology buzz.

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