Android is developer by google mobile operating system.It is an open source platform which is available for all mobiles.After mobile,PC it is also available on T.v,car tracking system .It is free operating system by google.You can also make android apps through android developer tool and make you own apps and upload it on play store. It has 2 billion active users . You can see the latest posts from here. In this category you can find posts related to it,s software, phones, download apps links and operating system. You can make android apps yourself and get latest news about this and latest technology gadgets. It is developed by google with proprietary software in which apps like gmail,google search play store for apps .Early stages whoever want can download and upload any app of other resource but now it has become more secure. you can't just don't download and upload some one's app.It is making it,s policy more strict for the people who use someone source.

Best Free Android Apps 2018

Android is an open source operating system which is developed by google.If you have an android device you can download apps by sign in...

How to find Lost Android Device Using Find My device?

Find My device is an amazing app by google through which you can find your lost android mobile.It will also help you to recover...

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How To Encipher Your Text Message on iPhone and Android

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