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Best Free Android Apps 2018


Android is an open source operating system which is developed by google.If you have an android device you can download apps by sign in into your google account from play store.In play store you will apps related to social media,health,games,beauty and security.Here are the Best Free Android Apss 2018.


Stop Ad is the app for blocking the adds on your android device.You can view easily another blog post without watching adds.In the menu options you will also see that how many adds you have blocked.For use the app download from play store and open the app.Turn it on from main menu.You will see a notification of VPN connection in menu bar.Now it has start blocking your adds.This app is supported in Chrome,opera and safari.


With the schedule application you can schedule your meetings,birthdays and the specific time you want.Through this app you can select time,date and text which you want to send text message to your contacts.There will be an auto send option,by taping on option it will send automatically the text which you have entered in text field.You will select date and time of auto text message.


Picai is the smart AI based camera app which will detect automatically the filter on the picture.Like if you want to take a picture of flowers,it will show name on screen flowers and make adjustment to the filters according to the picture.There are more than 100+ filters in it and it is easy to select the filters.

AudioBook Reader

If you are books lover than this is the best app for reading book.You can select the text section which you want to read and start on playing.The selected section from book will start reading.You can also select the accents from the audio library.There are more than 28+ languages options in that.It will also allow the e-books.


This is the best app for Tv. If you want to watch TV on your android device this is the best tv app.There are also different categories in this app like lifestyle,TV & Movies,Talk Shows,Fashion,Beauty etc.You can top and enjoy your selected categories videos.This app is like remote for the internet and works as like a Tv.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is the new app which is launched by google.It help you to capture,manage tasks from anywhere anytime.You can also get reminders from this app of your work meetings and events.Once you complete the reminder,the notification will be appear in menu bar.By confirming that notiofication reminder will be activated.

Opera Touch

Opera touch is the fast browser which features fast search on your device.The browser is fast and smooth and works without an issue.The user interface of this app is very simple and easy to use.You also have sharing option on your social media from this browser.


Carrot app is an android weather app which shows the weather conditions according to your location.Apart from that the user interface is good and like any weather app you have the report of current weather and daily forcast below in it.The best part of this app is secret location.Once you find the location it will tell you the weather condition of that location.


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