A smartphone is connected to your life as well having data of your contacts,pictures,schedules,email and almost your all social media information.Bank information,your locations and much more that you use in your daily routine.So in this case you have to make your smart phone secure more so that your information could secure.Some features for iPhone users are here so that they can improve their security of smart phone and avoid from hackers.Here are Best 10 Ways to Keep Your iPhone Secure in 2018.

1-Secure Identification

Touch sensor
Touch sensor

Active touch sensor is already installed in iPhone . So rather then choose a pattern code active touch sensor which is bio-metric sensor installed on iPhone already. So by confirming your thumb sensor,lock will only open when you will touch the sensor other wise it will not.
There is also an option of code pattern which you have minimum at least 6 digits.So that your code will be secure.But remember this attempt has condition of five times.If you give wrong,than it will be locked.

2-Information Hiding

Sometimes you are busy and leave your mobile open.The notifications,emails,chats and gallery is visible to see who is near your smart phone.So use the time limit for your smart phone with option of bio metric sensor , so that your mobile gets automatically locked and only visible when you touch the sensor.Keep your screen clear with irrelevant social media notifications so that your mobile screen would more secure.

3-Two-Steps Verification

Two step verification is a method on which you get text message on activating your device.This option is also available Facebook,google,iCloud and Banking applications.You can use one option at one time from biometric sensor or number pattern code.After enabling two-steps verification you will just receive a confirmation code.You have also option in this.You can select text message or google authentication code.

4-Disconnect Connection

If you are not using WiFi or Bluetooth than disconnect them immediately.Sometimes you forget to disconnect Bluetooth and the sender/receiver have access to your media and files.

5-Active Find my iPhone

Most if times the hackers attempts to make your find my iPhone option off.If you have lost your iPhone and you have enabled the option find my iPhone than you can easily find it from the exact location.You can log in to another IOS device or from the web and can make your data secure.So if the hacker got your phone he has nothing to access in it.

6-Avoid to Open irrelevant Links

As you are social media user and visit different blogs and links through your social media.So while visiting make sure the link is from secure side.Do not open irrelevant links sent from unknown.Do not download extra Pdf files from unknown resources.Avoid to open email attachments if you think they are not sent from secure side.

7-Turn Off Siri

Siri is an amazing feature of iPhone which allows you to access your smart phones without using hands.Just say something and siri will be do for you.So in the case if you are not using this option,then make it off.It may provide your personal data to hackers.To disable Siri fom the lock screen,go to settings>Touch ID and Passcode and toggle the “Allow access when locked” Option off.

8-Updating your iPhone

Update your iPhone when you get notified on your iPhone of update your phone.Always update your phone with the most recent iteration of iOS. To update latest version of iOS, goto Settings app and then general > Software update.So if you are running the most recent version you will be welcomed,else you will be prompted to download and install the latest version of iOS.

9-Manage Your Accounts

If you have more than one account on your iOS device, than make sure you have complete information of each.Do not use the matching user_names or same passwords for synched accounts.

10-Turn Of Auto-Fill

Auto-Fill is an option which fills automatically to your signup/login forms online.Make this option off so that you information could not fill on irrelevant forms.To make this option off,goto Settings>Safari>AutoFill and toogle of each option you see there.

If you have private messages and don’t want to share with anyone and want to send private messages,then you can send message by encrypting.There are many apps available on android and iPhone that can encrypt your text and make it safe.So if you feel that someone is watching at your mobile screen when you are texting then you can use encrypt message service for text for android and iPhone. You are never too much sure that people on your side are not watching at your mobile screen.So keep your text private by using encrypt service message for both android and iPhone users.
If you are unfamiliar with that and has no knowledge about encrypt then here is what is this service? Encryption helps you to hide the data you are sending to someone.If you have send message to someone and it will show random data until the receiver seen the message on other side.It will show the jumble characters until the message is received from another side.This hide your message from hackers and just show jumble characters and symbols.But if your device is being compromised with someone else than the encryption will not secure for you.So keep in mind not to share your device with someone else.
So here are some tips to encrypt your message for both android and iPhone users that can work.



If you are iPhone user and on the other side the receiver has also iPhone than encryption is already available for iPhone users.Your messages are already secure on iPhone through encryption.Apple has already this feature on encryption in iMessage. Here is condition if you are sending “green” bubble text message to others which is not an apple user, this service will not be available.This service is only available on “Blue” bubble text while on the other side is also apple user.This service is available on iPhone,iPad and iMac.But if you are android user,then follow the next procedure to encrypt your message.

Signal App-one option for both users

If you want to encrypt your message and want to get it on your mobile,don’t worry you are an aplle user or android user.Here is the app which you can use on both device.Go to play store/apple store, just download the “Signal” app.Now register with your phone number.On android you can kae it default on text message while on the other side having also “Signal” app for encryption.If the user on other side have no “Signal” app then first time it will show default text of encryption to download and use “Signal” App.

Signal app has some more features to make your data secure.

  • It has option to block someone from taking screenshot of your conversation.
  • It allows you to off suggestion from words that you are typing during text.You can also set a password on your app.
  • There is also an option to dissapear your text after five seconds if you are feeling that someone is going through your mobile screen.
  • Signal app provides you a safety code that will show to you and user on receiving the text on the other side to make that the data of both side is secure.