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Apple iOS 12 Features You Need To Know About


Apple’s WWDC(Worldwide Developer Conference 2018) been held on Tuesday and talked about the latest features and updates of Apple iOS 12.The look of Apple iOS 12 will be ordinary .Company is working best designing to give the users best experience.Also developer version is available.But the appearance for public use is later in june.As it is in testing procedures,As the testing procedure will complete,it will run on any apple smart phone from iPhone 5s or latest versions,any iPad,iPad mini 2 and iPad Air or latest versions.It will also support the sixth generation iPod Touch
Here are the Features of Apple iOS 12 which are updated.

Apple iOS 12

Apple has launched a new app in Apple iOS 12 which is called Measure . It will help to take measurements of the real life objects . You can measure length,height and width through this app.

Siri Shortcuts

One of the feature is siri shortcuts that allows users to perform specific functions.Users can launch an app or function.This kind of feature was already used by Google Assistant but the siri shortcut is more efficient from this. Siri can search for you the nearest restaurants hotels,dial calls,can fix appointments and important reminder that you order to siri.

Voice Memos App

Apple is bringing something new for you.Voice Memos are being launched this time.Vioce Memos app is bringing for the first time in iPad.Through Voice Memos app uu can save audio in your phone . You can save lectures , project interview or video voice over.It has the most clear property of voice recording which will be feature in Apple iOS 12.

Apple Books

This app is already is in used named by iBook. This app is renamed by Apple Books.It user interface is also redesigned.In this app this feature is also includes that you can continue reading book , you will have a pick up where you left(on reading chapter and page) so you can easily continue from there.


CarPlay is the voice activated system of apple for cars.You can connect to your digital media without watching on screen or touching the devices.You can also access Car Play through voice button pressing which will be on your steering wheel.I will also support navigation system like google maps and waze.


There is a new feature of Memoji in Apple iOs 12.There are four new types of Animoji. You can draw Emoji by yourself.This effect will also available in camera.You can use Emoji and stickers while taking pictures.

Group Notification

Now you can control your notification in Apple iOs 12.By pressing a instant tunning on lock screen,you will control your notification which app notifications you want or not.On this feature Siri will also work and help you to take off notifications which app you are not using longer.

Facetime Update

There is also one main change in apple iOS 12.You can use face time which have 32 participants.It’s changed it,s shape (resize) when the selected user is speaking.While on call talking you will be able to apply filters on your facetime in which animoji and Memoji are included.

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