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Basic Components For Digital Marketing Strategy


According to the latest advertisement agencies,you can’t grow your business without digital Marketing.The investment in digital marketing is more than any kind of business in the world and it is still increasing.There is too much competition between companies . Many companies comes to digital marketing but due to not proper digital marketing strategy they don’t get that kind of results which they want.Some companies don’t make investment on digital marketing as they have fear that their money will be waste and they will not get proper results.So here are Basic components which you should follow for Digital Marketing.

Proper Website

First of all you have to make a website for your company or brand.You select the domain name which is more suitable to your brand.Don’t pick irrelevant domain name.Proper domain name will also help to rank your website in google search.
Your website should have the following key points for better results.

  • Your Website should be responsive and mobile friendly so that people can view easily on any device.
  • Update Your website regularly with latest content/products.
  • Create a user friendly landing pages that can generates leads.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of most solid digital marketing stratefy to get your target.You can get more audience by using the proper strategy of Email Marketing for your service or products.
A Proper Email Marketing Stratgy will have following key points.

  • Drive Trffic to specific products/services.
  • Keep update your subscribers with latest services.
  • Make a Proper Subject Line


SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a big factor of your website/products/service to get traffic from online search platform like google,bing and yahoo. You have to research proper keyword form keyword tools like (SEMrush,Ahref) and check proper competition of your keywords.Then make your site according to the SEO requirements.For SEO you have to install plugins in your word press website (Yoast,All in one SEO).
SEO has two Parts through which you can rank your website.

  • On Page SEO
  • OFF Page SEO

In On Page SEO you work on your keyword,content and proper headings.While in OFF Page SEO you make back links of your website. Back links don’t give you traffic online but it increases the ranking more of your website.


You have to make your content unique.Some Conditions for unique contents are don’t copy content from any other websites.Don’t use spin content on your website.As if the content is unique then the chances of ranking of your website are high.Make readable content.Don’t use irrelevant things in your content.Make a catchy heading of your content.Make sure that your content is according to SEO requirements.

Social Media

Create the social media profiles of your blog/website/services.Keep update the, and do proper work on them.Share your website on social sites like Facebook,twitters,YouTube,pintrest and Reddit etc.These sharing links will help you to rank your website.

Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement is on of the most key factor for Digital Marketing Strategy.You can run social campaigns on Facebook,instagran and Google Adwords for the promotion of your products.As it will also help you to index your website fast.
So these were the Basic Components For Digital Marketing Strategy that can help you to make your service/products/website in top ranking by following the these conditions of digital marketing.

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